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Category: Anonymization

June 24, 2020 by Paul Francis

The five private eyes, Part 1: The surprising strength of de-identified data

  Try googling for the phrase “anonymization is impossible”. You’ll get plenty of hits. The idea that anonymization is impossible, or at least very very hard, is widespread. Another widely held belief is that Differential Privacy, with its mathematical guarantee of privacy, is the only way to reliably anonymize data. In stark contrast to these beliefs is the simple fact … read more

August 27, 2019 by Felix Bauer

Introducing a version-based naming system of Diffix

Building a useful analytics system with strong anonymity is difficult. It is an iterative process: ideas are generated, flaws are discovered, and new ideas emerge in response. Aircloak is dedicated to transparency. We openly publish our anonymization technology and encourage white-hat attacks on our system through our bounty program and free academic licenses. We allow our white-hat attackers to publish … read more