Anonymized Analytics:
Share Insights, not Data.

Aircloak's first-of-class anonymizing solution lets untrusted analysts dynamically explore sensitive data and obtain accurate insights without risking individual privacy. Aircloak's breakthrough technology creates new opportunities for data monetization and business intelligence, and eliminates the cost of compliance.

New Use Cases

New Use Cases for
User Data Analytics

Aircloak’s Cloaked Analytics Data Engine can be deployed to satisfy a wide variety of business use cases.

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Secure User Data

Secure User Data

Aircloak’s unique anonymization technology protects users while providing high–fidelity analytics.

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Unprecedented Transparency

Ease of Use

Simply install Aircloak in front of your existing database to automatically handle any anonymisation.

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Anonymising Filter

Aircloak's first-in-class solution is installed between the existing "primary-use" database and untrusted "secondary use" analysts and applications. It filters queries and answers to ensure user anonymity while providing high-fidelity aggregate answers.

Cloaked Analytics Data Engine Cloaked Analytics Data Engine

Aircloak Use Cases

Aircloak's core anonymization technology supports a variety of deployment scenarios. The software can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. Both real-time and historic data can be analysed. Data sources can be any existing databases. Here are a few of the many possible use cases that Aircloak is exploring with customers.

Smart City / Transport

Smart city technology promises to reduce cities' operating and infrastructure costs, make them more attractive for citizens and businesses, and even provide new revenue sources. With Aircloak, cities can:

  • Safely provide data to third parties for monetization or Open Data initiatives.
  • Instantly comply with national data privacy laws and reduce citizens' concerns over a "surveillance society".
Medical Research

Medical Research

Sharing medical data for research is a costly and risky process. Huge opportunities for improved medical research are lost because medical institutions leave data locked-up in protected silos. Aircloak enables:

  • Keep full control over sensitive and valuable data and only ever grant anonymising access to results.
  • Improved quality of analytics by preventing the loss of data accuracy normally associated with traditional forms of anonymization.
  • Compliance with medical research anonymization requirements, thus eliminating the need for new patient opt-ins.

Monetization of Geolocation Data

Cellular operators obtain outdoor geolocation data over a wide area from cell towers. Many businesses, for instance malls or airports, collect indoor geolocation data from WiFi access points. By combining indoor and outdoor geolocation data, Aircloak can:

  • Improve insights for businesses using indoor geolocation applications by providing information about where customers live and work, as well as their demographics.
  • Provide better monetization opportunities for cellular operators that offer aggregate marketing data.

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